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Augusta Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident in Augusta, Georgia or the CSRA, you may have suffered injuries as the result of another driver's wrongdoing. This wrongdoing or mistake is referred to as negligence in the legal field, and negligent driving means that the driver is responsible financially for any injuries caused by their conduct. When you were the victim of another driver's negligence, you have the legal right to fight back and get financial compensation. This compensation can help put your life back on track, protect your finances, and protect you and your family.

If you or someone you care about was injured in a motor vehicle accident in the Augusta area, experienced personal injury attorney John D. Hadden is here to help. You deserve to have your rights protected.

Personal Injury Lawyer serving Augusta and the CSRA

John D. Hadden focuses his practice on representing accident victims to ensure they get the best representation possible. He handles personal injury cases around the state of Georgia, protecting the rights of victims. He has many years of experience handling catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death claims. His trial experience is put to use for every client in order to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Car Accidents in Augusta, Georgia

Car accidents in Augusta - or anywhere - are an all too common occurrence. Because of the high level of traffic in the area, there are hundreds of thousands of people on the road at times, greatly increasing the odds that a serious accident will occur. When an accident occurs and you are involved, the equation seems to change greatly. Injuries caused by car accidents can be serious, including:

  • broken bones,
  • whiplash,
  • traumatic brain injury,
  • paralysis, or
  • spinal cord injury.

These injuries can lead to expensive medical treatment or even permanent disabilities. Whether your injuries range from relatively minor to extremely serious, you are entitled to financial compensation. With the help of a personal injury attorney, you can prove that the other driver was negligent in causing the accident in order to get the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Accidents in Augusta, Georgia

If you were injured while riding a motorcycle, it is likely that your injuries are severe. Motorcycles do not protect their riders the same way that cars or trucks protect their drivers. Even a relatively slow-speed accident can result in life-altering or life-ending injuries. Death is, sadly, a common result of high-speed motorcycle accidents. In so many of these cases, the costs associated with recovering after a motorcycle accident are incredibly high.

When another driver is negligent for causing an accident involving a motorcycle, you have the legal right to hold that person responsible for the costs of your injuries. You should not have to suffer the injuries as well as the cost of treating those injuries. The driver responsible for causing the accident should bear those costs.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve

As the victim in a motor vehicle accident, you have the right to win financial compensation for your injuries. This compensation is designed to make you whole again, as well as compensate you for all that you have gone through. You, and any passengers in your vehicle who were injured, deserve to have your rights protected by an experienced personal injury lawyer, who can help you win compensation for:

  • past medical bills,
  • future medical costs,
  • rehabilitation costs,
  • lost wages,
  • lost future earning capacity,
  • pain and suffering damages,
  • loss of consortium or companionship,
  • disfigurement damages, and
  • punitive damages (in limited circumstances).

These awards can help you to put your life back on track and help you move forward with your life.

Do I Need an Attorney?

Filing and winning a personal injury claim is a complex legal process. Insurance companies are out to avoid paying for the accident or avoid paying what the claim is worth. Legal rules are not relaxed for people without an attorney, meaning you will be expected to know the rules as if you were a lawyer when you are unrepresented. With the right legal help by your side, you can make sure that your rights are protected all the way through the legal process.

Consult an Experienced Augusta Car and Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Car and motorcycle accidents can lead to catastrophic injury or death. When this is the case, you are entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. You need an experienced personal injury attorney to fight for your rights.

Contact experienced accident attorney John D. Hadden at the Hadden Law Firm today for a consultation.

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"Working with John was my first experience with the legal system. John explained everything thoroughly to me and helped me weigh the pros and cons of each potential decision. He was readily available whenever I had a question or a concern about my case. I would highly recommend John to anyone in need of legal representation. He is professional yet still very down to earth.”
– Courtney
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