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Personal Injury Lawyer in Augusta

While Augusta is one of the best places to live on the eastern seaboard, accidents can still happen in the area that leave innocent people severely hurt. If this happens to you or a loved one, you may need the help of a personal injury lawyer to recover the compensation that you deserve from the person who hurt you.

The Hadden Law Firm can help innocent victims who have been hurt in a variety of accidents in and around Augusta, Georgia and the CSRA in Georgia.

What is Personal Injury?

A personal injury case, sometimes referred to as a “tort case,” is a civil claim for compensation for injuries suffered as a result of someone else's negligence or intentional conduct:

  • Civil claims are lawsuits between one party – the victim and plaintiff – and a second party (or parties) – the wrongdoer and defendant. They are contrasted to criminal cases, which are between the government, represented by a prosecutor, and the criminal defendant
  • Compensation is financial coverage for all of the victim's setbacks – physical, monetary, mental, and emotional – from the incident
  • Negligence is the most common source of a personal injury case. Just because someone did not purposely hurt you does not mean that they should not be held liable for their negligent actions

Personal injury cases take lots of different forms. However, there are several types of cases that are especially common in Augusta, Georgia and the CSRA.

Motor Vehicle Accidents on Interstate 20 and the Bobby Jones Expressway

One of the most common ways for people to accidentally get hurt is in a motor vehicle accident. These crashes include:

The worst of these accidents often happen on interstate highways, largely because crashes tend to be more severe when they happen at higher speeds. As a result, some of the worst crashes that happen around Augusta, Georgia, occur on I-20.

Interstate 20 runs from I-95 in South Carolina along the seaboard, all the way westward into western Texas. One of the first cities that it passes through on its eastern edge is Augusta, where an auxiliary route, the Bobby Jones Expressway (I-520), rings the city.

Products Liability for Victims in Augusta

Residents who call Augusta, Georgia, home can also get hurt if a product that they are using breaks or was defectively designed or made. When this happens, the injuries that the defective product can cause can be severe, especially if the injury was caused by defective car parts, like a defective tire, or defective medication or medical devices.

Courthouses in Augusta, Georgia

The vast majority of personal injury cases will proceed through state court, rather than federal court.

When the accident happened in Augusta, victims tend to file their personal injury claim at the Richmond County Superior Court or State Court at 735 James Brown Boulevard.

When the injury was very serious – requiring $75,000 or more in compensation – or was a result of a violation of federal law, the lawsuit can be filed in federal court. These claims would generally go before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, which is located nearby at 600 James Brown Boulevard. John Hadden is admitted to practice in both the state and federal courts.

Augusta Personal Injury at the Hadden Law Firm

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is critical if you have been hurt because someone else acted negligently. Without one, it can be far more difficult to recover the compensation that you need and deserve to make a full recovery without imperiling your financial well-being as well.

This is true even if you have adequate insurance coverage. Insurance companies make money by minimizing the amounts of coverage they provide for valid insurance claims. After an accident that falls within the scope of their coverage, you can expect their initial offer to pale in comparison to what you really deserve.

John Hadden can fight for your rights and for what you truly deserve. Contact us online for the legal representation you need.

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"Working with John was my first experience with the legal system. John explained everything thoroughly to me and helped me weigh the pros and cons of each potential decision. He was readily available whenever I had a question or a concern about my case. I would highly recommend John to anyone in need of legal representation. He is professional yet still very down to earth.”
– Courtney
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