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Personal Injury Lawyer in Buckhead, Georgia

Buckhead is an uptown commercial district located in Atlanta, Georgia, and represents approximately the northernmost fifth of Atlanta. It is a separate business district from downtown Atlanta or midtown Atlanta. With a significant number of businesses in the area, it attracts a lot of traffic. With all of this increased traffic comes a much higher risk of serious accidents and personal injuries.

If you or someone you care about was injured in Buckhead by another person's negligence, experienced personal injury attorney John D. Hadden is here to help. You deserve financial compensation when injured by a negligent person.

Area Attractions & Personal Injury

Buckhead has many great attractions, and increased traffic can easily lead to personal injury-related accidents. Large crowds and different shops and stores can all present dangers, like:

Below are a few area attractions in Buckhead that have been the location of their share of accidents and personal injuries.

Lenox Square Mall and Phipps Plaza

Buckhead is well-known for its shopping scene and retail establishments. Lenox Square Mall and nearby Phipps Plaza are home to a wide variety of stores. This busy area is popular with people of all ages, and traffic in and around the area is extremely busy. Inside the mall, any number of things can happen, too. There may be substances on the floor, making it slippery or an escalator or elevator may breakdown, all of which can result in injuries.

Southern Beer Tours

Southern Beer Tours was founded in 2013 by Justin Hall and Jonathan Oliver. This tour lets people see the inner workings of a craft beer market and stops at multiple breweries along the way. The mix of alcohol and a lot of cars – even when those consuming alcohol are not driving – is a situation that can lead to accidents.

Chastain Park

Chastain Park is home to youth baseball league fields, tennis courts, a swimming pool, golf course, and a private horse park. It also has a three-mile pathway that is open at all hours of the day. There are creeks and ponds to visit, and it is just a beautiful area overall. Nature has its dangers just as much as manmade buildings and things. If someone brings a dog to the park and it bites someone, who is at fault? Likewise, if someone drowns in the pool or in one of the ponds, is anyone at fault?

Area Courts

The Buckhead, Atlanta and surrounding areas are home to several different courts in the area, both federal and state-level courts. These include:

An attorney can make sure your case is filed at the right court and in a timely fashion.

Consult an Experienced Buckhead, GA Personal Injury Attorney

Amazing Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia brings many new people into the area every day, but not all of these people are careful. When another person or entity is negligent in a way that causes you injury or damage to your property, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain financial compensation.

Contact experienced Augusta, Georgia car accident attorney John D. Hadden at the Hadden Law Firm today for a consultation.

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