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Personal Injury Lawyer in Southeast Atlanta

People get hurt in Atlanta all the time because of someone else's poor conduct or negligence.

When a victim gets hurt in southeast Atlanta, they can rely on the personal injury lawyers at the Hadden Law Office to fight for their rights and recover the compensation that they deserve, regardless of what kind of accident it was that hurt them.

Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Southeast Atlanta

Southeast Atlanta is a collection of neighborhoods that lies to the south and the east of the downtown area. The exact boundaries of southeast Atlanta are up for debate, though the general consensus seems to be that it lies inside the triangle formed by Route 23 as it runs north and south, Interstate 20 as it runs east and west, and Interstate 285.

This means that the following neighborhoods and suburbs of Atlanta are in Southeast Atlanta:

  • Constitution
  • Gresham Park
  • Panthersville
  • East Atlanta
  • East Atlanta Village
  • Whitehall Forest Estates.

Types of Personal Injury Cases That Can Happen in Southeast Atlanta

A personal injury claim involves seeking compensation from the person who negligently or deliberately hurt someone else. The claim may result in a demand or lawsuit, and occasionally lawsuits proceed to trial. Personal injury claims can arise from many situations, including the following common types of accidents:

Whenever any of these accidents happen, there is a victim who has been hurt through no fault of their own. They deserve at the very least to have their losses and financial expenses covered by the negligent party who hurt them.

Courthouses in Southeast Atlanta

Personal injury cases that begin with an accident in Southeast Atlanta are usually filed in state court. However, if they involve more than $75,000 in damages and involve someone from a different state or involved a violation of federal law, they can be filed in federal court instead.

If filed in state court, a lawsuit would usually be heard by the State Court of DeKalb County. This courthouse is located in Decatur at 556 North McDonough Street.

If filed in a federal court, the claim would be heard and decided by the judges at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. This courthouse is located at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building at 75 Ted Turner Drive.

Personal Injury Lawyers at the Hadden Law Firm Serve Victims in Southeast Atlanta Metro Area

If you or a loved one has been hurt in southeast Atlanta, recovering compensation is paramount. Without financial coverage from the person or people who hurt you, your financial well-being can also be impacted by the accident.

The personal injury lawyers at the Hadden Law Firm know this and strive to help victims recover what they deserve. Contact us online for the legal help you need at this difficult time.

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