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Personal Injury Lawyer in Southwest Atlanta

Accidents that happen in Southwest Atlanta can leave victims injured through no fault of their own. While this can happen in a variety of situations, the victim always deserves to be compensated by the person or party who was ultimately responsible for the incident and the injuries that they caused.

The personal injury lawyers at the Hadden Law Firm can legally represent the victims of accidents in Southwest Atlanta by fighting for their right to be compensated.

Types of Accidents that Can Happen in Southwest Atlanta

Personal injury lawsuits are civil claims for compensation that are filed against the person, people, or the company that caused an accident that left an innocent victim hurt. There are lots of ways for accidents to happen, though. Some of the most common in Southwest Atlanta include:

Neighborhoods in Southwest Atlanta

While its precise boundaries are not set in stone, Southwest Atlanta is generally thought of as west of I-85, north of Route 154, and south of I-20. In the west, though, it reaches all the way to the city's limits, which often takes it past I-285. The neighborhoods that are often considered to be a part of Southwest Atlanta include:

  • Greenbriar
  • Princeton Lakes
  • Sylvan Hills
  • Pittsburgh
  • Venetian Hills
  • Capitol View
  • Adams Park
  • Audobon Forest West
  • Beecher Hils
  • Mays
  • Mellwood
  • Cascade Green

Personal Injury Lawyers in Southwest Atlanta at the Hadden Law Firm

The personal injury attorneys at the Hadden Law Firm legally represent those who have been hurt in accidents in Southwest Atlanta. Contact them online to get started on your case today and fight for your rights in court and to recover the compensation that you need and deserve.

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