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Types of Commercial Trucks

In Georgia, there are thousands of commercial trucks on the road at any given time. Each of these trucks poses a significant risk to the other drivers on the road because of their size and weight. If you combine that with the risk caused by a negligent driver, the potential for serious injury or death to victims becomes extremely high. There are many different kinds of commercial trucks, and understanding these different types can illuminate the different dangers posed by each.

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Different Types of Commercial Trucks in Georgia

All commercial trucks can pose a danger to Georgia drivers, but each type is unique and often presents its own unique dangers to others on the road. The following is a brief description of the different types of commercial vehicles you may encounter while driving on Georgia roads.


Tractor-trailer trucks, also commonly referred to as "semis" or "big rigs" are large vehicles that consist of a tractor unit attached to a long trailer. They are typically designed for the purpose of carrying freight. These trucks can weigh many tons. While they can drive as fast as most cars on Georgia highways, they cannot stop as quickly. They also suffer from blind spots and are not able to see directly behind them. The turns they make are wide and may cause damage to vehicles around them that they cannot see.

An impact with a tractor-trailer can be catastrophic, leading to very serious injury or even death.

Dump & Garbage Trucks

Another common commercial truck you will encounter on Georgia roads are garbage trucks and dump trucks. Not as large as a tractor-trailer, these trucks still weigh several tons. Dump trucks typically carry rocks and material to and from construction sites, with the risk that objects can fly out of them and damage other vehicles. Garbage trucks are large and clumsy vehicles that often cause property damage and can also cause serious injury when they hit a car with a driver and passengers.

Tanker Trucks

Tanker trucks are often as large as a semi but carry the unique danger of hauling a "tanker" that contains some type of liquid or gaseous material. Many of these tanker trucks carry hazardous materials, including some that cause very serious physical injury or even death if a person comes in contact with it. Some tanker trucks carry flammable and explosive materials, adding the potential risk for an explosion or fire resulting from any accident.

Tanker truck drivers are expected to exercise good driving and when they do not—and doing so causes you harm—you can file a personal injury lawsuit to recover for injuries to you and your loved ones.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks are tractor-trailers that carry a flatbed trailer rather than the freight trailer. A flatbed is typically used to carry large items that may not fit the traditional enclosed trailer specification or are so heavy that a fully loaded freight trailer would weigh too much. The object on top of a flatbed trailer can be unevenly weighted, causing the trailer to swerve unexpectedly or cause the driver to lose control. This poses a very serious danger to other drivers near the truck.

Tow Trucks

Tow trucks are commercial vehicles primarily intended to tow damaged vehicles that cannot move on their own. Ironically, tow trucks themselves can be dangerous on Georgia roads. They often stop in unexpected places to do their work, usually on the sides of busy highways. Their heavy weight can be a dangerous combination in a motor vehicle collision. The towing arm may also cause serious damage if they are involved in a rear-end collision.


Commercial buses, such as tour buses, Greyhound buses, or city buses are large vehicles that carry a great many passengers. School buses, while not commercial, fit this same description. Buses are heavy vehicles that can be difficult to turn and operate. The danger is further increased when a bus driver is negligent behind the wheel. Damage caused by buses can be extreme, and a bus versus car usually does not turn out well for the driver of the car. Drivers of buses can be government employees, with unique challenges establishing liability against them. An experienced attorney understands these nuances and will work to make sure you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Moving Trucks

A unique danger is posed by moving trucks, commonly rented from companies such as U-Haul, Ryder, Penske, and Budget. Often not as large as the other trucks on this list, they suffer from the same blind spot and weight differential issues associated with other types of trucks. A unique danger of these trucks is that sometimes they are often driven by ordinary citizen drivers who are not licensed to drive a commercial truck.

Most moving truck rental companies do not require a commercial driver's license (CDL) to operate their trucks, so anyone with a valid driver's license can operate one. Many drivers are not prepared to drive a vehicle that is twice as large and heavy as a normal car, so the potential for an accident caused by these inexperienced drivers is significantly higher.

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Commercial trucks pose a significant danger to Georgia drivers. If you were injured by a negligent truck driver you have the right to financial compensation.

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